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This guide describes the special collections of Brooks Library at Central Washington University.

Kittitas County

Kittitas County

The following subject guide represents only a small portion of our collections, and does not represent all of the subject strengths of our collections. Please remember that the listed titles are only those in Special Collections-- many other sources can be found in other departments of the Library.

Though every attempt will be made to keep these guides current, please keep in mind that our collections are growing daily and we add titles in all subjects on an ongoing basis. If you would like to find out more about items in Special Collections or have a specific reference question, please email us at

Subject Guide to Kittitas County and Ellensburg
Central Washington University
Special Collections
July 2006
Prepared by Anne Taylor

Kittitas County (General Works)

  • Glauert, Earl T., ed. Kittitas Frontiersmen. Ellensburg: Ellensburg Public Library, 1976. F897.K53 K5.
  • Hill, Lindley M. A History of Central Washington. Spokane: Shaw and Borden, 1929. F897.C7. 
  • Jakubek, Otto. An Overall Plan of Economic Development, Kittitas County. Ellensburg: Kittitas County Port District, 1962, 1963. HC107.W2 J33. 
  • McGiffen, Joy, ed. Hometown Heritage: A Remembered History of 1910 in Kittitas County, Washington. Ellensburg: The Daily Record, 1980. F897.K53 M3. 
  • An Illustrated History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties. Chicago: Interstate Publishing, 1904. F897.K613.
  • History of Kittitas County, Washington. Ellensburg: Kittitas County Centennial Committee, 1989. F897.K53 H57 1989.
  • Kittitas County Historic Photo Album. Ellensburg: The Daily Record, 1999. F897.K53 K498 1999. 
  • Kittitas County Memories. Ellensburg: The Daily Record, 2003. F897.K53 K499 2003.
  • Songs of Kittitas History. Ellensburg: Edison Training School, 1920. F897.K53 W23.
  • Steppe into the Sagebrush: A Guide to Common Plants and Animals of the Shrub-Steppe Ecosystem. Ellensburg: Kittitas Environmental Education Network, 2000. QK941.W2 S84 2000.  


  • Bennett, John. Rodeo Town . Ellensburg: Vagabond Press, 1997. F899.E4 B462 1997.
  • Des Voigne, Merritt. Being Small Wasn't Bad at All. Seattle: Littleman Press, 1982. F897.K53 D47.
  • Eberhart, Cory. The Building of Ellensburg. S. l.: the author, 1976. F899.E44 E24.
  • Lineham, Thomas J. Jimmy Hayes and the Rattlesnake Whiskey Company: The Events Leading to the Great Ellensburg Shootout. Ellensburg: The Quest for Community, 1982. F899.E5 L56 1982.
  • Ludtka, John. The Tradition Lives: A Seventy-Five Year History of the Ellensburg Rodeo. Ellensburg: Ellensburg Rodeo, 1997. GV1834.55.W22 E43 1997. 
  • Merriam, John C. and John P. Buwalda. The Age of Strata Referred to the Ellensburg Formation in the White Bluffs of the Columbia River . Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1917. QE1.C15 v. 10, no. 15.
  • Munsell, Kenneth. The Homefront in World War II: The Effects of the Conflict in Ellensburg, Washington. Ellensburg: Central Washington University, 1981. LD5771.32.M8.
  • Schmith, Robin. An index to the newspapers of the Olmstead-Smith Collection. Ellensburg: Central Washington University, 1989. AN2.W2 E4218 1987
  • Schmith, Robin. An index to the populist newspapers of Ellensburg. Ellensburg: Central Washington University, 1989. AN2.W2 E422 1989.
  • Smiley, Charles J. The Ellensburg Flora of Washington. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1963. QE1.C15 v.35, no. 3.
  • Smith, Clareta Olmstead. Campfires in the Valley. Wenatchee: Wenatchee World Press, 1986. F897.K53 S46.
  • Smith, Clareta Olmstead. The Trail Leads West. Philadelphia: Dorrance and Company, 1946. F881.S64. 
  • Smith, Leta May. The End of the Trail. Hicksville, N.C.: Exposition Press, 1976. F897.K53 S54.  
  • Thompson, John Prentiss. Ellensburg Blue. Seattle: Acme Printing Company, 1961. QE391.Q2 T4.
  • Austin Mires: an Indexed Register of His Papers, 1872-1936. Pullman: Washington State University, 1968. Z6616.M62 W35 1968.
  • Exhibit of Facts Concerning Ellensburg: In Support of Ellensburg's Need for Air Service. Ellensburg: Chamber of Commerce, 1944. F899.E4 E8.
  • The Ellensburg Dawn Souvenir. Ellensburg: The Ellensburg Dawn, 1901. F899.E4 1901.
  • Historical and Descriptive History of the City of Ellensburg. Ellensburg: The Ellensburg Dawn, 1900. F899.E4.
  • Report of an Evaluation of the Ellensburg Senior High School. Ellensburg: Ellensburg High School, 1964. LB2822.25.W2 R46 1964.
  • R. L. Polk and Co.'s Ellensburg and Kittitas County Directory. Kansas City, M.O.: R. L. Polk, 1904-1997. F899.E5 A18.
  • “The Metropolis of Kittitas.” The West Shore Magazine, September 1887. Portland: L. Samuel. 697-702. F852.W53.

Cle Elum

  • Drinkwater, John. Cle Elum: The Generation Gap. Cle Elum: the author? 1968? F899.C5 D75 1968. 
  • Hill, Larry, ed. Coal Town Heritage. Lake Forest Park, WA: Hillcraft Publishing, 2002. F899.R68 C63 2002.  
  • Janssen, Lawrence. Greater Parish of the Cascades: Cle Elum, Roslyn, and Easton Washington. American Baptist Home Mission Societies, 1963. BV625.C3 A5.
  • “Cle Elum and the Mines.” The West Shore Magazine, September 1887. Portland: L. Samuel. 703-705. F852.W53.


  • Fleming, Edna M. Ah Kittitas! Yakima: Franklin Press, 1969. F897.K53 F5. 
  • Paul, Virginia. Standing by the Side of Your Arm. Ellensburg: Record Printing, 1996. F899.K63 P38 1996.


  • Jordan, Josee. You're At Liberty Here: Mines and Miners of the Swauk. Yakima: Franklin Press, 1967. TN413.W2 J6.
  • Mayo, Roy F. Give Me Liberty! S. l.: the author, 1975. TN423.W2 M39.
  • Smith, Jerry. Boom Towns and Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington: A Comprehensive Guide to Ghost Towns in Six Historic Counties. Bellevue: Elfin Cove Press, 2002. F891.S65 2002.
  • Tozer, Warren Wilson. History of Gold Mining in the Swauk. Pullman: Washington State University, 1995. TN413.W2 T6. 


  • Chambers, Eric Karl. Overexposed: The Perceived Social Impact of Tourism in Roslyn. Ellensburg: Central Washington University, 1994. G155.A1 C43 1994.
  • Morris, Jerry. Before the Last Storyteller is Gone. Fairfield, WA: Fireside Press, 1994. F899.R68 M67 1992.
  • Prater, Yvonne. Cascade Mountain Colliery Explosion at Roslyn . Ellensburg: Central Washington University, 1994. F899.R68 P73 1994. 
  • Service Book of Men and Women of Roslyn and Community. Roslyn: Roslyn V. F. W. Post 4125, 1949?
  • Spawn of Coal Dust. Roslyn: Operation Uplift, 1955. F899.R6.


  • Fields, William. History of Thorp, Kittitas County, State of Washington, to 1901. Ellensburg: Central Washington University, 1973. LD5771.36.F5.