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History, Trans-Mississippi American West

This guide cites primary and secondary sources relevant to the history of the United States west of the Mississippi River.

Latin Americans in the West

Chicano/a Movement in Washington State History Project (University of Washington): This site offers oral histories, newspaper excerpts, photographs, and essays on the Chicano movement in the United States, mid-1960s to the 1980s.

Hispanic Music and Culture of the Northern Rio Grande (Library of Congress): This exhibit documents the religious and secular music of Spanish-speaking residents from rural northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Musica de la Frontera (UCLA): This site provides access to recordings of vernacular Mexican music from throughout the twentieth century.

Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas (University of Texas at Austin): This collection consists of some 900 images taken by Russell Lee between April and July 1949 in Corpus Christi, San Angelo, San Antonio, and El Paso.

Tejano Voices: This site presents the recollections of 173 Tejanos and Tejanas and their struggle against racial discrimination in post-World War II Texas.

Texas-Mexican Presbytery Records: The Texas-Mexican Presbytery was established by the Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. in 1908, based on the missionary work of Walter S. Scott and Robert D. Campbell. These men organized and aided in the development of Mexican Presbyterian churches and religious education programs in Texas, particularly in the southwest region. Their work is documented here in photographs.