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History, Trans-Mississippi American West

This guide cites primary and secondary sources relevant to the history of the United States west of the Mississippi River.

African Americans in the West

African American Funeral Programs of San Antonio: The San Antonio Public Library presents its collection of African American funeral programs. The collection consists of over 1,000 programs that date from 1935 to present day and depicts the African American community in Bexar County.

Black Oral History Collection (Washington State University): This digital exhibit contains interviews with black pioneers and their descendents from Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.

Documenting the African American Experience in Las Vegas: Includes oral histories and photographs on African Americans in Las Vegas.

Roslyn African American History (Central Washington University): These images document the work and lives of African American miners in the Roslyn, WA, region.

Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project (University of Washington): This website provides video oral histories, photographs, documents, movement histories, and personal biographies on the civil rights movements during the twentieth century in Seattle, WA.