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Welcome to your Geography overview. Information provided in this guide is intended to help you with your class assignments as well as learn some general information about Geography!.

EOS:Earth & Space Science News

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Specialized Online Map Collections

"Millions of Documents at Your FIngertips"! Maps from the 1600 to the 20th century or freely available for viewing and downloading courtesy of the National Library of France. Other resources available at the site include books, manuscripts, images, periodicals, sound recordings, and scores. Download maps in PDF or JPG. English language access is not consistently available across the site, but appearance and web site conventions are often an adequate guide for successful use.

Also, there's an app for that! (Available at the site.)

What's new in maps at Gillica?

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Maps, GIS, and more

Places, Spaces, and Other


SciTech (at provides a wealth of resources. It is brought to you by OSTI, the US Office of Science and Technology, who also provides Data Explorer and Pages,

Teaching with Maps