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Welcome to your Geography overview. Information provided in this guide is intended to help you with your class assignments as well as learn some general information about Geography!.


From Merriam - Webster:

noun ge·og·ra·phy \jē-ˈä-grə-fē\

Traditional:  A science that deals with the description, distribution, and interaction of the diverse physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth's surface.



Government Publications related to Geography

Helpful Information

The Encylopedia of the Earth is a collection of essays and articles by noted scholars, educators, and writers about the earth, geography, and the environment. Using a creative commons license, the works are submitted and worked on in a collaborative environment.  Authorship must be published under your real name.

Getty Thesarus of Geographic Names is a structured vocabulary with over 1 million place names in the vernacular.  English is the primary language but the Getty does include native languages as well so be sure to look for historic spellings as well.

Cite It!

Remember, there is no such thing as citing too much!

That includes citing data sources and maps!

The library has the style manuals for many styles, including Chicago, behind the "iDesk." Those are the ultimate authorities.