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Money Fitness

This guide includes resources for budgeting, credit cards, investment, loans and scholarships, and general money management.

Learn more at CWU

Here are a few classes on finance at CWU:

FIN 174 – Personal Finance ​


  • This course addresses the broad spectrum of financial issues encountered by individuals throughout their lives. Topics include but are not limited to: Preparing a personal budget, money management, investments, retirement planning, educational planning and insurance.​

FCS 371- Real World Finance


  • This course provides an introduction to major personal and family-related consumer issues (loans, investments, credit, budgeting, fraud avoidance, advertising), rational financial decision-making, rights and responsibilities of consumers, and consumer protection.

Other Library Resources

Research Smartz: Money Fitness- The library hosts a Research Smartz series that includes a workshop on money fitness. This workshop goes over credit cards, interest rates, budgeting, credit, and other important financial areas and resources. Check out the library events page for updated dates and events.