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Money Fitness

This guide includes resources for budgeting, credit cards, investment, loans and scholarships, and general money management.

Scholarships Overview


  • Like grants, scholarships are money for school that you don’t have to pay back (although they do often require that you meet certain criteria)  

  • Scholarships can come from a WIDE array of different sources: organizations, schools, individuals, companies, etc. and as a result, they have a broad array of application processes, requirements, and award amounts.  

Common types of scholarships are awarded based upon:  

  • Need: Scholarship committees will prioritize giving scholarships to the students who demonstrate the most financial need 

  • Merit: Scholarships will be administered to students who demonstrate the best academic merit, or who can demonstrate they do well in their classes 

  • Special interest or identity: A lot of scholarships are given out to students based upon their interests or relationship to a certain identity. For example, there are scholarships for former eagle scouts, for students who want to study public health, and for students who don’t speak English as a first language.  

  • Finally, scholarships may be awarded based upon a mix of the above 

  • When applying for scholarships, make sure that you understand the organization, individual or institution that is awarding the scholarship. In order to receive a scholarship from them, you need to demonstrate in your application why you are the best fit given their reasons for awarding a scholarship.  

  • Many scholarships also require that you have a FAFSA filled out. 

CWU Scholarships

CWU Scholarship Central ​

  • 300+ options​

  • You'd be surprised at how few people submit applications!

Using Scholarship Central 

  • CWUs platform for streamlining scholarships for students 

  • You can also apply for outside scholarships but these may require more work to find, and they may have a larger pool of applicants applying to them.  

  • To use: go to My CWU --> Student--> Financial --> Scholarship Application --> Sign in 

  • You will start by filling out a general filter/survey that will ask about your personal information and help the system filter through scholarships that you are qualified for.  

  • Note that after this, you have not yet completed a scholarship application, there is more you need to do! 

  • After this, go to the dashboard page and review the scholarships you are qualified for. It is a good idea to review the additional criteria these scholarships need, and to decide which ones you are the best fit for. Then you can use this platform to apply! 

  • Some scholarships only require a few small extra steps, where as some may require additional information like cover letters, resumes, and letters of recommendation.  

  • The career services office is a great place to go to get help with and advice on all of these 

  • All CWU scholarships require that you have a FAFSA on hand. You need to fill this out every year, and the earlier the better. If you are still a dependent of your parents (which many undergraduate students are), you my need your parents help or their information to fill this out.