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PSY 300 - Research Methods


A short (300-word) summary of the research presented in the manuscript, including sufficient context, key design properties, summary of results, and broader implications.


Presents the results of a focused literature review on relevant previous research, in order to motivate the rationale and importance of the proposed research, concluding with explicit statement of your hypotheses.


A detailed description of how you propose to conduct the research (including, where necessary, justification of key design decisions), sufficient to allow another researcher to replicate your study on the basis of this description alone.


A formal presentation of the anticipated descriptive results from your research, as well as the appropriate analyses to specifically test your hypotheses.


Typically involves a summary of the key results as they relate to your hypotheses, how these results may contribute to the literature summarized in the Introduction, broader implications of the work, and limitations, improvements, and extensions.


A list of the references that are cited throughout the main text.


Tables, graphs, and appendices to support the main text.