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PSY 300 - Research Methods

Using this Guide

This guide will help you get started with your research for your semester-long project in PSY 300. It is specifically designed to help with assignment A, but will be useful throughout the course.

For Assignment A: Summarizing A Single Resource each student will find a relevant, empirical article (See: Finding Your Article) from a mainstream psychology journal and produce a concise and comprehensive summary of the article. You will find the following steps on your assignment handout:

  1. Identify the predictions or hypotheses of the study (and any relevant theory).
  2. Identify the method used and briefly describe the necessary details,
  3. Identify and classify the independent and dependent variables (conceptual and operational).
  4. Summarize the results and the degree of support they offer for the hypotheses.
  5. Write our the full APA-formatted reference for the article you chose.
  6. Which search method did you use to locate this reference?
  7. What type of information does this reference represent?
  8. What makes this specific reference not just a source of information on the topic, but more precisely a good and relevant source of information?

Get Research Help

While this guide assembles a few resources that may be useful in your studies, it is far from comprehensive. If you need research assistance, CWU Libraries is here to help!

  • Send an email and a librarian will follow up with you in 1-2 business days.
  • Schedule a research consultation with a librarian.
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