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Asian Studies

Spotlight on Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage, History, and Racism toward Asian Americans

Spotlight on Asian American and Pacific Islander History and anti-Asian Racism in the United States

graphic that says "STOP AAPI HATE"

In May 2022, As part of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month, the CWU Libraries partnered with the Asian Studies Department and the CWU EthicsLab to create a series of events reflecting on the themes of APPI history, identity, experiences, and anti-APPI racism in the United States.

Events included:

  • May 4th  (4:00-5:00PM): Revolution Goes East: Radicalism in East Asia in the Interwar Period, lecture by Dr. Tatiana Linkhoeva - Link to Recording of Event
  • May 17th (3:00-5:00PM): Convergences Generative Writing Workshop (open to CWU English students only)
  • May 25th (3:00-5:00PM): Convergences: Charting New Possibilities for Asian American Writing During Times of Crisis | a panel and reading by Chen Chen, Danni Quintos, and  SJ Sindu | Moderated by M. Eliatamby-O'Brien - Link to recording

CWU Libraries has also prepared this reading guide with suggested reading, listening, and watching for cultivating greater awareness about AAPI identity and experiences, as well as ending racism against Asian Americans in the United States. Inside you'll find recommendations library holdings like novels, poetry, comics, academic books) and related podcasts on the AAPI diaspora.

Further reading:

Sponsored by the CWU Asian Studies Program, Department of English, EthicsLab, Department of History, CWU Libraries, Humanities Washington and the National Endowment for the Humanities.




Graphic Novels

Self-Evident: Asian America's Stories

As people of all backgrounds reckon with complex legacies of race, power, culture, and identity and ask themselves, “Where do I stand?” Self Evident presents reported stories and radically open conversations from the everyday Asian Americans who have been confronting this question for generations. Our mission is to empower local communities to share stories and build relationships around the value of self-representation.

Southern Fried Asian

Southern Fried Asian is a new podcast from The Nerds of Color hosted by Keith Chow. Typically, stories about Asian Americans are centered on the experiences of those who grew up on the coasts -- New York, Southern California, the Bay Area -- where communities of different Asian American subgroups have lived for many years. On this podcast, though, we're gonna look at a region of the country that isn't typically associated with these stories and unpack what it means to be Asian American in the American South.

Asian Americana

A show about slices of distinctly Asian American culture and history.