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Health Sciences

A guide to tools and resources for students in the CWU Health Science degree and certificate programs

About This Guide

The CWU Department of Health Sciences includes several programs, including degree programs in Exercise Science, Clinical Physiology, Nutrition, Dietetics, Paramedicine, and Public Health. A full listing of the offerings in Health Science may be found on the department's homepage. This is a guide to CWU library and external resources available to students in these programs.

OneSearch Basics



Library Databases

Access to these databases is provided by the CWU library. If you use them from an off-campus computer, you may be prompted to log in with your CWU credentials. Except for Academic Search Complete, all of these databases are composed of medical or scientific literature. While you can also use OneSearch to find their content, going straight to the databases will eliminate much of the need to filter out irrelevant search results. PubMed is especially recommended for searches on medical topics.

Study Tips