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Sharing book and media displays currently up at Brooks Library.


Books in Brooks
Hamilton: the revolution
Essays on music
Girls rock! Fifty years of women making music
Women & music: a history
Music: the definitive visual history
A million years of music: the emergence of human modernity
Music of the renaissance
The rest if noise: listening to the twentieth century
Twentieth-century music: an introduction
Maritime musicians and performers on early modern English voyages: the lives of the seafaring middle class
Slowhand: the life and music of Eric Clapton
Girl in a band

King of Blues: the rise and reign of B.B. King

Visualizing the Beatles: a complete graphic history of the world's favorite band
Why the Grateful Dead matter
Chamber music: an essential history
Listening through the noise: the aesthetics of experimental electronic music
Theories of the soundtrack
A history of film music
The lure and legacy of music at Versailles: Louis XIV and the Aix school
Glitter up the dark: how pop music broke the binary
The relentless pursuit of tone: timbre in popular music
The music of multicultural America: performance, identity, and community in the United States
Music is history
The art of noise: conversations with great songwriters
K-pop idols: popular culture and the mergence of the Korean music industry
Groove music: the art and culture of the hip hop DJ
Musica nortena: Mexican migrants creating a nation between nations
Moribound music: can classical music be saved?
Music in the human experience: an introduction to music psychology
This is your brain on music: the science of a human obsession
Unfinished music
Looking and listening: conversation between modern art and music
The triumph of music: the rise of composers, musicians, and their art
Musical mysteries: from Mozart to John Lennon
Music and revolution: cultural change in socialist Cuba
Jazz consciousness: music, race, and humanity
The healing power of hip hop
Music as yoga: discover the healing power of sound
Elevator music: a surreal history of Muzak, easy-listening, and other moodsongs
Sacred sound: experiencing music in world religions
Music matters: a philosophy of music education
So you want to sing music theater: a guide for professionals
The jazz of physics: the secret link between music and the structure of the universe