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ATM 281 Socio-cultural Aspects of Apparel

This guide is specifically for ATM 281 on Clothing in relation to individual and group behavior patterns; personal and social meanings attributed to dress; and cultural patterns of technology, aesthetics, rituals, morality and symbolism.

Group Research Project Assignment Details

For this class, you will be paired with 3-4 classmates to prepare a research project. The objective of the project is to further understand the relationship between dress and culture and to develop an appreciation of cultural diversity throughout the world. The topic should focus on dress, which is any intentional modification of appearance, this is what people do to their bodies to maintain, manage and/or alter their appearance…dress include supplements and attachments to the body, application of chemicals to change the body, removing or adding portions of the body, symbolic clothing, ritual dress, etc. You will turn in a written paper, a recorded presentation and means you should break down all the elements that go into them adorning themselves and five multiple choice questions pertaining to your presentation (these questions can be used in the final exam). More details about this project will be posted on Canvas. Remember that all projects and assignments must be original for this class. Your project cannot be re-used from another class, or a project made previously in this class (if you are re-taking this class).

Central Washington University. (2022). ATM 281: Socio-cultural Aspects of Apparel [Course syllabus]. Ellensburg, WA: Astrid Vidalon.

Finding Resources

Let's break this down into what you will research.

  • Topic history
    • This means you do not have to limit your search for results within a certain time frame. Looking back at older works will allow you to see what the opinions were during that time not just how we perceive opinions were now. It is still good to look at current research because their Literature Review and Works Cited sections will give you an overview of the research of this topic.
  • Works Cited
    • You are required to use in-text citations and create a works cited page that is in APA format. In another page titled "Citation Help" I provide a list of resources to use to assist you in this.
  • Pictures and Videos
    • You can find fashion pictures in the page title "Finding Images." Many documentary clips from major educational companies such as the BBC are available on YouTube. You can also find images and video through OneSearch by clicking advanced search and selecting Audio&Video or Images from the Materials drop-down menu. Citing images are a bit different than citing text resources. Check the "Citation Help" page for citation resources.
  • Format of resources
    • You must have 2 books, scholarly journal articles, and as many .edu or .gov sites as you wish. Finding books in OneSearch is similar to finding articles. Once you have your search terms, click advanced search and select Books or eBooks from the Materials drop-down menu.


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