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ATM 281 Socio-cultural Aspects of Apparel

This guide is specifically for ATM 281 on Clothing in relation to individual and group behavior patterns; personal and social meanings attributed to dress; and cultural patterns of technology, aesthetics, rituals, morality and symbolism.

Finding a Research Article

A great place to start looking for a research article is OneSearch. OneSearch will look through the physical materials in the library as well as resources that are only available online. It also searches our databases for resources but it cannot see everything in the databases. Because of this, it is great to start with OneSearch then move on to subject-specific databases for more options.




The topics of society, culture, and fashion are very interdisciplinary. Even though there are academic journals specifically focused on fashion, apparel, textiles, etc., you may also find helpful information in academic journals that are focused on sociology or even general health and science. Some interdisciplinary databases to consider are...

Don't forget to use the options under "Tweek my results" or "Refine my results" on the left in OneSearch or a database to make sure you are only finding articles written in the last two years!

Parts of a Research Article

You will have to report on the goal, findings, and implications of your article. The goal is usually described in the abstract and introduction and may be discussed further in the literature review or methods sections. The findings will be in the results and discussion with a shorter version in the conclusion and abstract. Whether or not the goal was reached and any implications will also be included in the discussion and conclusion.