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Information about how the United States government undergoes a peaceful transition of presidential administrations

Mueller Reports

Versions of the Mueller Report

From the U.S. Government:

  1. Official Version, Government Publishing Office, The official, 2 volume, redacted version
  2. U.S. Department of Justice version

Commercial versions:

  1. Unofficial version, Buzzfeed (FOIA request) - many commercial publishers used this version as the source for their printed copies initially.
  2. Scribner ISBN: 9781982129736
  3. Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781982129736
  4. Includes detailed analysis by the Washington Post staff, timeline of major events from the Special Counsel’s investigation to the delivery of the report,
  5. Skyhorse Publishing, ISBN: 9781510750166 - Includes  an introduction by Alan Dershowitz, portions of the Code of Federal Regulations chapter 28, related to the powers of the Special Counsel with commentary by Neal Katyal, former acting Solicitor General, Rod Rosenstein’s 2016 order appointing Robert Mueller III as special counsel, and Attorney General Barr’s initial 4-page summary and his four reasons for redacting the report.
  6. Melville House ISBN: 9781612197814 - This version presents the report as released by Attorney General William Barr.
  7. Sastrugi Press (Thirteen Colony Press) ISBN: 9781944986674 (hardback), 9781944986681 (paperback) - This version claims to be the Definitive edition, not just a scanned copy of the PDF but fully reformatted for printing.  Includes and introduction  and Attorney General Barr’s 4 page letter.
  8. A Technical and Cultural Assessment of the Mueller Report PDF by the PDF Association is a technical assessment of the document examining how the redactions were made. It is a very interesting analysis of the technical production, redaction, and reproduction of the report.

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