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GEOL 108 - Earth and Energy Resources

This guide is intended to provide quick links to authoritative resources specific to the Water Resources Assignment

Journal Databases

OneSearch can help you get started with finding journal articles but we suggest filling in your results by checking directly in appropriate article databases. Some databases are not currently indexed in OneSearch and still must be searched directly.

The following is a list of suggested databases for your class emphasis. You can find these databases by scrolling down in this alphabetical listA few of these databases provide citations only, in which case you will need to search our OneSearch discovery layer or our E-Journals Portal to see if the  journal is available either in print or online.

What is Peer-Reviewed?

Most journal articles are research studies written by college professors.  When a professor submits a manuscript of an article to a journal, that manuscript is "peer-reviewed" before it is accepted for publication. 

Before a manuscript is accepted for publication, the journal's editor sends it to other professors for comment and review.  The reviewers typically say:

·         Publish the manuscript as an article in the journal - OR -

·         Reject the manuscript and send it back to the author - OR -

·         Contact the author and ask for changes before publication.

In most cases, the process of peer review is "blind". The author does not know who has been asked to review the manuscript, and the author is not identified to the peer reviewers.  Ideally, blind review ensures that the critique will be fair and unbiased.

What is a scholarly article?

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