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GEOL 108 - Earth and Energy Resources

This guide is intended to provide quick links to authoritative resources specific to the Water Resources Assignment


You can find books and articles at Brooks Library using OneSearch. You will want to log in using your WildCat login for best results.

Your search will automatically search the scope: "CWU + Summit Libraries," which allows you to search the books and government documents held at Brooks Library as well as a number of databases and electronic resources like the Library of Congress' digital collections.

After completing a keyword search, you can narrow your results by clicking on the headings to the left and top of your results. Note in particular the headings "Peer-reviewed journals" and "Available at CWU."

You can use the OneSearch window below, or perform an Advanced Search by using the menu on the left of the library home page as follows:

Search and Find ->OneSearch->Advanced Search.



OneSearch Tutorial

For more information about using OneSearch visit the Using OneSearch Resource Guide.

Tips for Finding Books and Articles in the Geological Sciences

  • Start with keyword searching, but if you get too many items, try a subject search
  • Subject search terms are controlled vocabulary. For this assignment, pick terms that are the most relevant to your topic. For instance, desalinization, or "aquifer depletion."
  • After running a keyword search, look for a book title that sounds relevant. Click on the title to see the individual item, then scroll down to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. See if one of the subject headings might work and then re-run the search
  • Use the Advanced Search to limit your search to words in the title, to specific library locations, to specific dates, or to other criteria

Library of Congress classifications for relevant subjects related to "geology + water"

These sections are located on the 3rd Floor, Brooks Library

GB651-2998 Hydrology. Water 

GC1-1581 Oceanography

GE300-350 Environmental management

GF75 Human influences on the environment