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Coal Mining in the Pacific Northwest

A guide to archival resources on Coal Mining in the Pacific Northwest.

Background Information

Coal was mined in the Bellingham area as early as 1852 to fuel ships. As the railroads crossed the cascades the companies started prospecting for sources of fuel. The coal mined in the cascades was used primarily to power steam locomotives of the railroads. It was also used to heat homes. This guide focuses on coalmining in Kittitas County but will grow as  more regional coal related sites are found.

From the CWU Frederick Krueger Collection

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Sacking coal at the Roslyn Mine

Officials and coal mine inspectors visit a Roslyn mine. Weight, quality and other information were obtained during the mine inspections to regulate costs of coal and the safety of the mines.

Image from:

"Sacking coal, Roslyn, Washington" (1900). Roslyn African American History Photographs. Paper 60.