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Niche Academy

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What is Niche Academy?

Niche Academy provides tutorials that cover a variety of information literacy topics essential for student success in conducting research and navigating the library's electronic resources. Niche Academy's tutorials are a great alternative to in-class library instruction to help you students develop essential research skills, but can also be used in combination with an in-class library session. Reach out to your subject librarian to find out how you can best utilize Niche Academy for your course.

Using Niche Academy

Niche Academy Main Page

Access Niche Academy to find quality tutorials on conducting research, evaluating sources, gaining digital literacy skills, and many other topics. Or by searching "Niche Academy" in CWU Libraries' A-Z database repository. From the main page, you can browse through all the tutorials CWU Libraries currently has available.

Video Tutorial Interface

Niche Academy's tutorials provide step-by-step instruction on a topic and include interactive components (quizzes, mini assignments, etc.) to keep students engaged. If you are interested in including a Niche Academy tutorial in your course, you can simply select the tutorial you are interested in and copy + paste the URL to your Canvas course or send the link directly to students for them to complete.