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World Languages and Cultures

The World Languages Department offers majors in French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish and minors in American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Occasionally they offer classes in additional study such as Latin.


Language Learning Communities


Language learning platform with mobile app options.
Online community for learning many different languages.

Conversation Exchange
Three types of language exchange: face-to-face conversation, correspondence, and text and voice chat.

Language learning community and marketplace.
Another large online language learning community.

Word Reference Language Forums
Very active language discussion forums where native speakers respond to language learners' questions.



Grammar Guides and Language Lessons

BBC Languages
Audio and video courses for a variety of languages, and basic information on many more.


Online, free, fun, and science-based way to learn a language.

iTunes U Language Courses
Free audio language lessons (requires iTunes).

Forvo: The Pronunciation Guide
Web resource featuring native speaker pronunciations of words from over 200 languages. 

Pimsleur Language Programs
Primsleur also offers vocab lists, quizzes, articles, resources, to supplement your language program.

Learn a Language
Created by the U.S. Institute of Languages; provides free resources for learning Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and ESL.

Digital Dialects
Free interactive games for learning a wide variety of languages.