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Children's Literature Collections

Purpose of Children's Collection

The Children's Literature Collection in the James E. Brooks Library is provided as a resource for students in CWU's teacher education programs, as well as for children and other interested members of our community. This collection includes literature for a variety of ages from beginning readers to young adults. An important role of this collection is to support CWU's School of Education by providing students with access to a diverse collection of children's literature that can be used to practice teaching and developing curriculum. 

Special attention is put into making sure the Children's Collection represents a wide range of topics, time frames, authors, and styles. Individual materials include historical children's books, classic children's stories, picture books, young adult and chapter books, comics, fairy tales, fiction, non-fiction, and books written in multiple languages from authors around the world. The Children's Literature Collection also contains notable award winning children's books from several categories. For a list of recent award wining children's books you can check out the Notable Children's Book Awards section below. 

We are excited to welcome you to the Brooks Library Children's Literature Collection, and encourage you to reach out to a librarian or library staff if you have any additional questions or need help findings a specific resource! 

Navigating the Collection

The Children's Literature collection is located on the 4th Floor on the East side of the building! Let us show you around: 

Welcome to the Children's Literature collection!


When you first approach the collection, you will first see these two shelves. The front shelf explores a variety of books (813 S697 - 997.4). The second shelf (against the wall) holds books ranging from 573 - 813 B942: 


The front shelf has a poster on the Dewey Decimal System for those that may need help.

Here is the view in between the 1st and 2nd shelf that we just viewed.

 We have now reached the end of the 1st and 2nd shelves: 

There is a small gap for a hallway leading to study rooms, but now let's take a look at our next set of shelves, 3 and 4. Shelf 3 holds books ranging from 813 N713 - 813 S697. Shelf 4 (against the wall) holds 001-571 :


Shelf 4 leads us into the back corner of the Children's Lit Collection (Shelf 4 is blue shelf in background of below photo). This photo also shows a peak of where we are going next... Shelf 5.

Shelf 5 holds all the 000's: 



Comfortable seating for enjoying the collection!