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Library Services for College in the High School Faculty

A guide to services offered by CWU Brooks Library for support of Faculty of Central Washington University.


Library Services offered by CWU Brooks Library

CWU James E. Brooks Library -- Your Partner for Student Success

As Adjunct faculty of Central Washington University you have the same library privileges as all faculty of the University. This gives you access to all the subscribed journals, electronic books, and reference services.
You can access the following services through CWU Brooks Library:
·      Liaison Librarians assigned to each academic discipline
·      Research Assistance in person, by phone, and via email
·      24/7 Live Reference Chat
·      Access to Library Resources including electronic access to journals, databases, eBooks, government documents and streaming video
·      Information Literacy Instruction via Skype, Canvas or as part of a library visit

Traditionally academic libraries housed books and periodicals for use by academic researchers. A modern academic library offers much more than just circulation of books and reference services. We still offer those traditional services, but the electronic age means much of our content can be accessed remotely, making it easy to use the library wherever you have a cell or internet connection.

All CWU faculty can utilize the library and the full range of services.


Library Liaisons

Erin Sulla is liaison to College in the High School and can help direct you to subject specific reference librarians if you need research assistance.

You can click the links below to other access some of our discipline specific subject guides, browse our guides:

Biologic Sciences


English 101

English 102



Test Anxiety and how to manage it


Get in Touch with a Librarian

Ask the Libraries via chat, phone, and email

Chat with library staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 509-963-3682 for research help, questions about your library account, and general information. Fill out this form and receive a response via email, or contact for research help, assistance with your library account, or general library questions. Fill out this form and receive a response via email, or contact for research help, assistance with your library account, or general library questions.

Ask the Libraries consultation Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a time to meet with a librarian.

Ask the Libraries subject librarians

Contact a specific librarian based on the subject of your research.

For further information visit our Research Support page.

Further Readings

Open Access Material and ebooks from CWU Collections

Open access materials include content that is made open for use through Creative Commons licenses, Public Domain, or open access through another means. Many great, and free, resources are available to use for teaching.

Below the Open Access Resources are links to ebooks you can check out online from our library.

Articles from Education Week

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