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Music Studio Specific Resources

These resources are highlights from our collection and are all available right now at CWU Brooks Library! Arranged by studio.

Call Numbers

M50-M54 Violoncello alone

M229-M233 Violoncello and piano, original

M235-M236 Arrangements for violoncello and piano

M1016 Violoncello and orchestra (full score)

M1017 Violoncello and orchestra (piano reduction)

M1116 Violoncello and string orchestra (full score)

M1117 Violoncello and string orchestra (piano reduction)

ML128.V5 Violoncello music-Bibliography

ML128.S7 String instrument music-Bibliography

ML910-ML915 General: history and construction; music and playing

MT300-MT318 Violoncello techniques (including orchestral excerpts)

MT785-MT798 Instruction and study for children




Sheet Music

DVD's and Recordings