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What is a personal brand?

What does it mean to create a personal brand? Whether you are a new professional, job seeker, or scholar establishing yourself in a field, creating an online image is increasingly important for establishing yourself in a profession. Personal branding can be thought of as creating a unique and professional image of yourself so others will be able to find you and what you do on the internet. This page provides some resources on building an online image or individual brand.

Getting Found

Making sure that your websites/blogs/portfolios are found is part of creating a successful online image.

Scholars & Researchers

These resources offer some additional platforms for personal branding as an academic.

Online Tools for Personal Branding

Blogs, Websites, & Portfolios

Tracking Your Online Presence

Google Trends allows you to track most popular searches, currently or over time and can be useful in watching what types of blogs/websites are effective.

Google Alerts is a way of monitoring online activity associated with your brand and allows you to set keywords for Google to notify you when they get searched.