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PSY 445 - Clinical, Counseling, and Community Psychology

A library guide for a Psychology 445

Welcome to OneSearch

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a single search interface that allows patrons to simultaneously search several article databases, catalogs, and other data sources for books, journal articles, videos, scores, maps, and more!

OneSearch is a shared catalog for the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit), a consortium of 37 academic libraries across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. When we are fully live as of January 2015, OneSearch contains 8.8 million titles and over 26 million resources.

Brooks Library is part of the fourth and final consortium cohort to transist to this new search environment.This is the largest project that the Orbis-Cascade Alliance, as well as our vendor, the Israeli company ExLibris, has ever been involved in. As with any new system there will be problems, but the Brooks Library, the Consortium, and ExLibris, is committed to solving problems as quickly as possible.

What can it do?

OneSearch offers our users major advantages, such as:

  • Unifying book and journal searches,
  • Streamlining Summit and Interlibrary Loan functions within the system, and
  • Providing access to millions of articles and reports that were previously unavailable.

Because OneSearch is a new(er) catalog and discovery platform, the OneSearch Management Team works continually to incorporate new updates and improved functionality in order to improve our services to CWU patrons. These documents are designed to be provide the latest information about OneSearch, and they include a User Guide; a glossary of common terms; and the latest updates to OneSearch.

Ted Talk on Bullying

Although TED Talks are not scholarly sources, they are excellent tertiary sources. Ted Talks are global conferences with the theme of "Ideas Worth Spreading." TED"s speakers represent the best in their fields who are known for cutting edge research and compelling presentations.   

TED talk list

This video links to some TED talks that might help for this class assignment 

Plagiarism Guide

There is more to avoiding plagiarism then citing sources. This video sheds some light on different types of plagiarism and how to avoid it in your own scholarship