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Test Anxiety and How to Manage Anxious Feelings

Resources for dealing with anxiety in academic settings.

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The best way to prepare for a test is to know the content thoroughly. There are several ways to do this, not everyone is a natural scholar and most of us need to work on our study skills to become better learners. I will list several techniques I have taught students over the years. The best thing to do is experiment with a variety of methods to find what works best for your learning style.

If the cause of your test anxiety is poor study skills, you can work on that.

Try to find the learning style that best suits you and incorporate it into your study.

Some study techniques I have taught in the past include:

 SQ3R - this technique is for reading large amounts of text from traditional textbooks or technical manuals. First you scan the text, then reword each topic section to make it a question. Then you read the the text, keeping the questions in mind with a thought toward how the text answers them. Then recite the answers to the questions you formulated and last thing- repeat the process until you have understanding of the topic.

Another strategy is to make a traditional outline of the text as you read it, basically converting the text into notes in outline form to study later.

Flowcharts or concept maps of complex ideas and content can also help learn difficult material.

Tips for exams can be a little trickier, but some things you can do include:

a.   Answer the ones you know first

b.   Make brief outline to guide essay answers

c.    Write comments next to multiple choice question to help you better understand them and show you know about the topic even if the question is confusing.

d.   Rephrase questions into statements to see if you can add the answer when reworded ( sometimes this step will prompt your memory of the answer.)

e.   Get plenty of rest and a eat a healthy diet

Try to ask many questions about the format of the test before the test. This can help you know how to prepare and ease anxiety because you know what to expect on exam day.

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