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Resources for Research in Anthropology.

Atlases and Maps

Atlas of Man
Print Location: Ref GN 378 A84
Organized into nine world-wide geographical sections/regions. Each section has an introduction to the historical, geographic & cultural characteristics with appropriate maps. Also, there are descriptions of the countries and peoples living within a region.

Atlas of the North American Indian
Print Location: Ref E 77 W 195 2000
Organized by seven subjects: ancient Indians, ancient civilizations, lifeways, Indians & explorers, wars, land cessions, & contemporary Indians. Each subject has maps supporting the written narrative. Multiple appendices.

Atlas of World Archaeology
Print Location: Ref CC 165 A85 2000
Organized into three parts: First humans, Postglacial revolutions, & Rise of Civilizations, covering - Europe & Western Asia, Central, South & East Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia & the Pacific. Maps illustrate the evolution of communities and societies.
ECAI Cultural Atlas Portal  Resource contains images Some full text available
The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative is an ongoing attempt to make virtual collections of scholarly data from around the globe accessible through a common interface.  The ECAI Cultural Atlas Portal includes cultural atlases and other material created by a number of ECAI affiliates and includes information on the history, religion, ethnography and languages of various places on Earth.  The atlas portal is searchable by region, country or cities.  This site is a good place to look at when you are thinking of a topic or trying to think of a different angle on a topic because of the cross-discipline nature of its information.


Statistics and Handbooks

Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest
Print Location: Ref E78 N77 R79 1992
This book provides a summary of the language, alternate names, housing, diet, treaties, land claims, migration and resettlement history, and biography of notable persons within tribes historically located in the Pacific Northwest.  This book is also available electronically through the database "Net Library".  To search NetLibrary, start at the library homepage under "Research"--"Databases by Title" and scroll down the alphabetical list of databases to find "NetLibrary".

Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies
Print Location: Fourth Floor, P90 K457 1994
Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies is a compilation of terminology.  As a relatively new academic field Communication and Cultural Studies says things in new ways, resulting not only in new words, concepts and theories, but also in the reworking of concepts and terms from a wide range of established disciplines.  The multi-disciplinary glossary of concepts includes those terms most likely to be encountered in the study of communication and culture, providing a practical and accessible guide to the terminology of this field.

Images and Primary Sources

Web Sites