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Theatre Arts

This guide is intended as a research tool for fast and easy retrieval of effective subject resources.

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Library Classification for Theatre Arts

All books and other materials in the library are organized by call number. Most call numbers are based on the Library of Congress classification system, which organizes materials by subject. The following demonstrates how materials about theater are organized in the library. (Note that this is only a partial list.)

Brief Overview

  • Theaters – NA 6820-6845
  • The Performing Arts – PN 1560-1590
  • Drama – PN 1600-1988
  • Dramatic Representation: The Theater – PN 2000-3307
  • Collections of General Literature: Drama – PN 6110.5-6120
  • Costume, Clothing and Dress – TT - TX 340
  • Subject Bibliography – Z 5051-7999

Detailed Overview


Costume – GT 500-2370 & TT 1-678



Clothing, Dressmaking, Tailoring

TT 1-678


Theaters – NA 6820-6845


General works

NA 6820-6821

Unites States

NA 6830-6835

Other countries A-Z

NA 6840


The Performing Arts – PN 1530-1590


The Monologue

PN 1530

The Dialogue (scene studies, etc.)

PN 1551


PN 1560

Study and teaching

PN 1576

United States

PN 1577


PN 1579

Performing arts as a profession

PN 1580

Outside the United States

PN 1582


PN 1583

General works

PN 1584

Centers for the performing arts

PN 1585-1589

        Special topics A-Z         PN 1590





Drama – PN 1600-3307

Please note that plays themselves are classed as part of national literatures, e.g.
PQ: French, Spanish, and Italian literatures
PR: English literature
PS: American literature



PN 1600-1609

    American and English

PN 1601

Museums, libraries, etc.

PN 1620


PN 1621-1623

    Various authors

PN 1621

    Collected essays of individual authors

PN 1623


PN 1625

Philosophy, aesthetics, scope, relations, etc.

PN 1631-1650

    General works

PN 1631

    Special topics A-Z

PN 1633

    Relation to other forms of literature

PN 1635

    Relation to life

PN 1641

    Relation to sociology, economics, political science, etc.

PN 1643

    Relation to philosophy, ethics, and religion

PN 1647

    Other relations A-Z

PN 1650

General works on drama and the stage

PN 1654-1655


PN 1655

Technique of dramatic composition

PN 1660-1693

    General works, American and English

PN 1661

    General works, German

PN 1664

    Tragic effect

PN 1675


PN 1680

    Character treatment

PN 1689

    Play within a play

PN 1692

Study and Teaching

PN 1701


PN 1707

Biography of Critics

PN 1708


PN 1720-1861

    Comprehensive, American and English

PN 1721

    Compends, outlines, etc.

PN 1731

    Medieval, general works

PN 1751

    Medieval miracle plays, mysteries, passion plays

PN 1761

    Renaissance, general works

PN 1785

    Renaissance, special topics

PN 1791

    Modern, general works

PN 1811

    Modern, special topics

PN 1821

    17th century

PN 1831

    18th century

PN 1841

    19th century

PN 1851

    20th century

PN 1861

Historical Plays

PN 1870-1879

    General works

PN 1872

    Special topics A-Z

PN 1879


PN 1891-1899

    General works

PN 1891

    History and criticism

PN 1892

    Special topics A-Z

PN 1899


PN 1922-1929

    General works

PN 1922

    Special topics

PN 1929


Dramatic representation. The theater, PN 2000-3307


PN 2000-2009


PN 2015-2017


PN 2020-2021


PN 2035

General works on the theater

PN 2036-2037

Addresses, essays, lectures

PN 2038

Philosophy, aesthetics, relation to other arts, etc.

PN 2039-2051

Directories, guidebooks, etc. (international)

PN 2052

Management, administration, production, and direction

PN 2053


PN 2055-2073

Theater as a profession

PN 2074

Study and teaching

PN 2075-2080

Special methods of presentation

PN 2081

The stage and accessories

PN 2085-2091

Satire, humor, etc.

PN 2095

Biography of stage designers

PN 2096


PN 2100-2193


PN 2205-2217

Special topics A-Z

PN 2219

Special regions or countries

PN 2219.3-3030


Collections of General Literature: Drama – PN 6110.5-6120

Comprehensive collections

PN 6111

Minor collections

PN 6112

By subject or form A-Z

PN 6120