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UNIV 101 - Academic Advising Seminar

Scholarly & Popular

To be scholarly, or not to be?

Teen Vogue
Scholarly: 40 votes (6.72%)
Popular: 555 votes (93.28%)
Total Votes: 595
Journal of Applied Physics
Scholarly: 551 votes (95.66%)
Popular: 25 votes (4.34%)
Total Votes: 576
Discovery Channel
Scholarly: 363 votes (46.54%)
Popular: 417 votes (53.46%)
Total Votes: 780
Seattle Times
Scholarly: 346 votes (40.14%)
Popular: 516 votes (59.86%)
Total Votes: 862

What is peer review?

Peer review is a lengthy process that ensures what a journal publishes is featuring new ideas or discoveries, coming from a reliable source, and is a good fit for the intended audience of the journal. Along with ensuring the content is accurate and relevant, the peer review process also checks that the author's writing is clear and there are no spelling or grammatical errors and the format is correct.

For more information on the peer review process and how a journal publishes new articles, check out