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ECON 355: Economics of Labor

Labor Archives of Washington

Please do not forgot to check out the Labor Archives of Washington in Seattle at UW.  In this special collection you will find papers of various labor leaders and companies as well as information about unions and bibliographies.  It is a treasure trove of information.  Take a minute to review their research guide.

Finding articles


  1. It is best to begin by mapping out your search strategy.
  2. List your key terms including any synonyms (other similar words)
  3. Then select your database(s) including OneSearch.
  4. In the databases, choose the advanced searches (usually 3 lines) to help you correctly format your search.
  5. Use OR between your search terms to broaden the search to include any of the terms. 
  6. Use AND between your search terms to narrow the search to include all the terms.
  7. Take advantage of limiting by the date and by selecting "peer-review" or Academic articles if you only want those kind of articles rather than newspapers, opinion pieces, reviews, etc.
  8. Find full text within the databases in html or pdf format.

Review the OneSearch video again.  Those techniques may be used in most databases as well.

When to use a search engine like Google or Yahoo versus when to use a database"


Use databases when you want to:

  • Find articles for a specific subject.
  • Focus on a particular source, such as peer-reviewed articles or newspaper articles.
  • Find information from published sources, many of which won’t be available on the open web.
  • Narrow or focus your search using features that are only useful for your topic (for example, if you want to limit to articles about a specific industry or a period of time)

Use search engines when you:

  • Want to scan a large portion of the information available on the internet.
  • Want to find out more about a source or author.
  • Are not sure if the information you want exists.
  • Do not need to narrow or focus your search very much.