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Museum of Culture and Enviroment

The Museum of Culture and Environment approaches our diverse and changing world with an interdisciplinary perspective, examining human life, culture, and our interaction with the environment.

Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits

Sap in their Veins: Falling Trees with Portraits and Oral Histories of the Loggers Who Fell Them (traveling exhibit from the Moscow Contemporary, Jan. 4 – March 11)

This exhibit features the photography and oral history of David Paul Bayles, who became fascinated with the experiences and life-worlds of rural loggers in the midst of the 1980s Spotted Owl wars. Bayles photographed and interviewed loggers in order to learn more about their way of seeing the world.

Upcoming Exhibits

Animal Model: How a Tiny Worm Helps Us Understand the Human Brain, Feb. 15, 2023, Dec. 9, 2023 (a College of the Sciences “Window on Central” display!)

C. elegans, commonly referred to as the nematode, is a microscopic worm that lives in soils all around us. But scientists like CWU Biology professor Lucinda Carnell also grow C. elegans in their labs, since this tiny worm can be used as an “animal model,” a proxy for the human brain. In this exhibit, we learn about why C. elegans has been so important to neuroscience research—and how some of this research happens within our own university!