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High Mountain Valley Local Authors Collection

The High Mountain Valley Local Authors Collection contains a selection of Central Washington’s unique and noteworthy literary efforts.

High Mountain Valley Local Authors Collection

The High Mountain Local Authors Collection contains a selection of Central Washington’s unique and noteworthy literary efforts. It includes examples of various literary forms and genres, novels, poetry, history, philosophy, children’s books, romance, fantasy, new age, memoir, and essay.  The arc of the collection is broad and includes examples of academic publishing, mainstream publishing, small-edition-self-published works, mass published works, print-on-demand books in hardback and soft cover, underground literary magazines, and art zines.  For those keenly interested in documenting the history of books and printing, the collection includes a spectrum of printing techniques, letter press, offset, photocopying, linoleum block printing, mimeograph, calligraphy, and more.  The volumes in the collection were gathered and donated by Jampa Dorje (Richard Denner) beginning in 2018.

Details about the works in the collection


Authors in the Collection


Michael Allen

Mathew C. Altman

Eva Greenslit Anderson


Rychard Artaud

Ellen Avitts

Brian Paul Bach

Nancy Bacon

Taneum Bambrick

George F. Beck

John Bennett

Kelly Boen

Clayton Bohnet

David Bromige

Steve Abhalya Brooks

Phil Backlund

Steve Backlund

Jerry Bumpus

Lallooh Carpenter

Xavier Cavazos

Marleen Chaney

Sue Christopherson

Elizabeth Claman

Cynthia D. Coe

D.W. Cummings

Patricia J. Cutright

Cheri Denner

Richard Denner

Rance Dewitt

Jeffrey Dipppmann

James Donaldson

Jampa Dorje

Nancy Cavers Dougherty

William V. Dunning

C.J. Eberhart

Richard C. Elliott

Samuel Faulk

William B. Folkestad

Elizabeth Fountain

Roger Fouts

Luis Garcia

Philip Garrison

Jerry Gay

Robert Goedecke

David Guterson

Peter Halfar

Mark Halperin

Lee Harris

Mark Hartenbach

Holly Heflen

Rob Hill

James L. Huckabay

Kate Horowitz

Melanie Falcioni Humfleet

Raymond Hutson

Claire Edna Hurrey

A.M. Ingram

 Richard Johnson

Jan Kerouac

Joan Haverty Kerouac

Larry Kerschner

Judith Kleck

Lynn M. Knapp

Brenda Knight

Carol Korman

T.L. Kryss

Mark Lanegan

Ronnie Littlejohn

Matt Lundquist

Dennis Mahagin

Ben Mahmoud

Tod Marshall

Marie Marshand

Terry Martin

Al Masarik

Stephen Mauer M.D.

Jerilyn McIntyre

Kaya McLaren

M. Paula McMinn

Linda Lael Miller

Stephen Tukel Mills

Mitchell Perry

Judith Moore

Gerald Newman

Fred Newschwander

Lisa Norris

Alan E. Nourse

Elwyn H. Odell

Jane Orleman

D.E.G. Owart

Virginia Paul

Bouvard Pécuchet

Maia Penfold

Eugena Hepworth Petty

Paulus Pimomo


David Pond

Lucy Pond

Charles Potts

Dan Powell

Joseph Powell

Judith Kleck Powell

Julie Prather

Rena Priest

Belle Randall

Garrett Randall

Quentin Ragan

Grant Risdon

Christine Satnik

Tyko Say

Robert Schnelle

Kim Secunda

Don Share

Barry Shelton

A.D. Smith

David W. Smith

Mende Smith

Wendy Lee Spacek

Homer Splawn

Kent Taylor

Joanna Thomas

John Thomas

T.J. Tranchell

Tara Truax

Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña

Lily C. Vuong

Zach VandeZande         

 Lily C. Vuong

Katharine Whitcomb

Susan Wieler

Rolf T. Williams

Jerry T. Williams

Donald J. Williams

Christian Wiman

Maya Jewell Zeller