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HIST 302 - Historical Methods

A research guide for History 302 with resources for research in historical methods.

Dr. Jordine's website

American Historical Association

Thumbnail  Herodotus "Father of Western History"

Ban Zhao

Thumbnail Ban Zhao "Early Chinese Historian"

Books with Applied Historical Areas

Dr Levine's CWU webpage

Why Study History?

Without individual memory, a person literally loses his or her identity,  and would not know how to act in encounters with others. Imagine waking up one morning unable to tell total strangers from family and friends! Collective memory is similar, though its loss does not immediately paralyze everyday private activity. But ignorance of history-that is, absent or defective collective memory­ does deprive us of the best available guide for public action, especially in encounters with outsiders, whether the outsiders are another nation, another civilization, or some  special group within national borders. . . Historical knowledge is no more and no less than carefully and critically constructed collective memory . . . Clearly we need careful reflection about, and search for, enduring patterns and critical turning points in the past, for these are the historical facts that everyone needs to know. 

-William McNeilI, Why Study History? (1985)

Books about Historiography and Historical Methods

A bibliography of History Books

More Online Primary Sources

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