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Library Instruction

This guide provides goals, activities, planning tools, and instruction resources for planning and delivering instruction at Brooks Library.


Current Outcome:

General Education Outcome

Course Outcome

How will the course satisfy this outcome?

How will this outcome be assessed (summative) and what is the measure of success?

AAS 5.  Illustrate basic understanding of CWU library information resources.


Students will be able to illustrate a basic understanding of CWU library information resources.

Students will participate in class group work, presentations, homework, and/or CANVAS modules developed in collaboration with and/or by professional library staff and/or a guided tour of the Brooks Library with a professional Librarian.

Students will demonstrate mastery of CWU’s Library resources through quizzes, completion of CANVAS modules, and/or a cumulative final exam at the end of the course.

Coordinators of UNIV101 have defined the library component as:

  • Students should attend a session led by library staff.

The library lesson plan uses the following learning outcomes:

  • Learner is able to identify services, materials, and spaces available at the library
  • Learner is able to identify OneSearch as a starting place for academic research
  • Learner can apply evaluative strategies to assessing resources and differentiate between scholarly and popular resources

The Library Component


  • Canvas module: intro video (to be watched before class); prequiz; postquiz
  • In-class session with a learning activity

*module is called "UNIV101 - Library Component (In-person version) 2017/18" in the Canvas Librarians Toolkit

Lesson Plan

Use the UNIV101 Research Guide while teaching UNIV101 courses. It contains:

  • Your powerpoint for Scholarly vs. Popular
  • Your content for evaluating resources

Class Activity

Follow up

After the library session, follow up with the instructor by sending them your personal post-session survey link from Qualtrics.

Here's an email template you're welcome to use:

Hello [Person's name],

Thank you so much for bringing your UNIV101 section to the library. It was a pleasure to have them and I hope your students feel better prepared for university research. As I mentioned in class, they are more than welcome to email me with further questions.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my sessions and would really appreciate your feedback in this 2 minute survey: [LINK]

Thanks again for bringing your class to the library!