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ENG 104

Resource Types - Standing Rock

Research on any topic may involve the use of primary and secondary sources. Primary sources provide a first-hand account or the raw, un-interpreted information. Secondary sources provide an interpretation or review of the information. Here are some examples of sources you could find for the topic of "Standing Rock and NoDAP." 


Encyclopedias or Dictionaries




Government Documents


Many of these databases can help in finding scientific research as it relates to the topic of the environment and trash, waste, and garbage.

Reference Material

Day 2 Questions

Part 1: House of Research Wrap-Up

  • What about the process of looking for resources surprised you?
  • What was your most interesting discovery?


Part 2: Personal Research Project Planning

  • After doing the House of Research Activity, how would you like to structure research for your own project?
  • What ideas do you have? 
  • What questions do you have?