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U.S. Congressional Serial Set

With more than 15,000 volumes published, the U.S. Congressional Serial Set is a comprehensive look at how America evolved through the eyes of Congress.


  • 5663 - Changes in Bodily Form of Descendants of Immigrants
  • 5664 - Occupations of the First & Second Generations of Immigrants in the U.S.
  • 5664 - Fecundity of Immigrant Women
  • 9888 - Suspending issuance of nonquota and nonpreference quota immigration visas in certain cases, etc.
  • 9000 - Immigration quotas on basis of national origin
  • 11578 - Authorizing printing of additional copies of Immigration & nationality act, 82nd Congress
  • 14873 - Amending the Illegal Immigration Reform Act of 1996