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Social Justice and Human Rights Dialogues: Migration

A resource for the Human Rights and Social Justice theme of Migration.

Physical Books Related to Migration and Immigration Availble at CWU

Books in Brooks Library Related to Immigration

Global migration, social change, and cultural transformation (View details)

Emory Elliott, 1942-2009.; Jasmine Payne; Patricia Ploesch 2007


The Columbia history of Latinos in the United States since 1960 (View details)

David (David Gregory) Gutiérrez ©2004


Diaspora and identity : the sociology of culture in Southeast Asia (View details)

J. R. Clammer ©2002


Latin America transformed : globalization and modernity (View details)

Robert N. Gwynne; Cristóbal Kay 1999


Diaspora and identity : the sociology of culture in Southeast Asia (View details)

J. R. Clammer ©2002


The culture of migration in Southern Mexico (View details)

Jeffrey H. (Jeffrey Harris) Cohen 2004


Chasing the dark : perspectives on place, history and Alaska Native land claims (View details)

Kenneth L. Pratt; United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Alaska Region. Division of Environmental & Cultural Resource Management.; United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. ANCSA Office. 2009


Border visions : identity and diaspora in film (View details)

Jakub Kazecki; Karen A. Ritzenhoff; Cynthia J. Miller, 1958- 2013


The U.S.-Mexican border into the twenty-first century (View details)

Paul Ganster David E. Lorey ©2008


Western women's lives : continuity and change in the twentieth century (View details)

Sandra Schackel ©2003


Welcome to the urban revolution : how cities are changing the world (View details)

Jeb Brugmann, 1957- 2009


The new encyclopedia of Southern culture (View details)

Charles Reagan Wilson; James G. Thomas, Jr.; Ann J. Abadie; University of Mississippi. Center for the Study of Southern Culture. ©2006-©2013


Yucatecans in Dallas, Texas : breaching the border, bridging the distance (View details)

Rachel H. (Rachel Husin) Adler ©2008


America transformed : globalization, inequality, and power (View details)

Gary J. Hytrek Kristine M. Zentgraf 2008


Hyperborder : the contemporary U.S.-Mexico border and its future (View details)

Fernando Romero, 1971- ©2008


Worlds on the move : globalization, migration, and cultural security (View details)

Jonathan Friedman; Shalini Randeria, 1955-; Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research. 2004


Cultural transmission : psychological, developmental, social, and methodological aspects (View details)

Ute Schönpflug, 1940- 2008




Selected e-books Related to Migration from Brooks Libraries

E-books available from Brooks Library

Click on the link to see details and check out.


Unity and diversity in America : tradition and change in the 21st century. (View details)

United States Air Force Academy. Library. 1999


Chinese Migrant Networks and Cultural Change: Peru, Chicago, Hawaii, 1900-1936. (View details)

McKeown, Adam ;


Cultures Merging A Historical and Economic Critique of Culture (View details)

Eric L. Jones 2009


Multicultural Variations Social Incorporation in Europe and North America (View details)

Lance W. Roberts Barry Ferguson; Mathias Bös 2014


Emigration from China in Comparative Perspective. (View details)

Lu, Yao ; Liang, Zai ; Chunyu, Miao David ;

Social Forces, 2013, Vol.92 (2), p.631-659


American Immigration (View details)

Ciment, James ;



Mainland Passage The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico (View details)

Ramón E. Soto-Crespo Soto-Crespo, Ramâon E. Author 2009


The social process of globalization : return migration and cultural change in Kazakhstan (View details)

Douglas W. Blum, author. 2016


The Fall of Ancient Rome and Modern U. S. Immigration: Historical Model or Political Football?'. (View details)

Argote-Freyre, Frank ; Bellitto, Christopher M. ;

Historian, 2012, Vol.74 (4), p.789-812


Intercultural Relations in Asia Migration and Work Effectiveness (View details)

Chan-Hoong Leong John W. Berry 2009


Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond (View details)

Ibrahim Sirkeci Jeffrey H. Cohen; Dilip Ratha 2012


Migration, Intercultural Identities and Border Regions (19th and 20th Centuries) Migration, identites interculturelles et espaces frontaliers (XIXe et XXe siecles) (View details)

Elien Declercq Walter Kusters; Saartje Vanden Borre 2012


Where Are You From? Middle-Class Migrants in the Modern World (View details)

Dhooleka Sarhadi Raj 2003




Alba, Richard ; Nee, Victor Alba, Richard (correspondence author) 0, 2003

Cambridge, MA: Harvard U Press, 2003. xiv+359 pp


“It's We the People…, Not We the Illegals”: Extreme Speech in Prince William County, Virginia's Immigration Debate. (View details)

Gring-Pemble, Lisa M. ;

Communication Quarterly, 2012, Vol.60 (5), p.624-649


The Dutch in America: immigration, settlement, and cultural change (View details)



Race Migrations Latinos and the Cultural Transformation of Race (View details)

Wendy Roth 2012


Globalising Migration History The Eurasian Experience (16th-21st Centuries) (View details)

Jan Lucassen Editors) Leo Lucassen (Volume; Leo Lucassen 2014


Welcome Home: Examining Power and Representation in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Guide for New Immigrants. (View details)

Bishop, Sarah C. ;

Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 2013, Vol.42 (2), p.155-172



Aoki, Keith ; Shuford, John ;

Fordham Urban Law Journal, 2010, Vol.38 (1), p.1-76


Pregnant on arrival : making the illegal immigrant (View details)

Eithne Luibhéid, author. 2013


American Multiculturalism after 9/11 Transatlantic Perspectives (View details)

Derek Rubin Jaap Verheul 2009