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Social Justice and Human Rights Dialogues: Migration

A resource for the Human Rights and Social Justice theme of Migration.

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Articles about Mass Migration from Brooks Library Databases

Articles available from Brooks Library Databases


Koenig, Samuel Koenig, Samuel (correspondence author)

Social Forces, 0, 1952, Vol.31, pp.144-148


Ukrainian Canadians, Canada, Ukraine, and the Popular Imagination (View details)

Aponiuk, Natalia

Canadian Ethnic Studies =Études Ethniques au Canada, 2015, Vol.47(4/5), pp.1-1


Neighborhood Change under Conditions of Mass Immigration: The New York City Region, 1970-1990 (View details)

Alba, Richard ; Denton, Nancy ; Leung, Shu-Yin ; Logan, John Alba, Richard (correspondence author)

International Migration Review, October 1995, Vol.29, pp.625-656


Women in the Classroom: Mass Migration, Literacy and the Nationalization of Sicilian Women at the Turn of the Century (View details)

Reeder, Linda Reeder, Linda (correspondence author)

Journal of Social History, October 1998, Vol.32(1), pp.101-124


Intimacy, migration, and cultural change: Latinos and American Fertility (View details)

Emmanuel Alvarado ; Daniel Nehring

Estudios Sociales, 01 January 2010, Vol.18(36), pp.10-31



Transnational Migrations and Social Transformations: A Theoretical Perspective (View details)

Schuerkens, Ulrike Schuerkens, Ulrike (correspondence author)

Current Sociology, July 2005, Vol.53(4), pp.535-553


Y chromosome evidence for Anglo-Saxon mass migration (View details)

Weale, Michael E ; Weiss, Deborah A ; Jager, Rolf F ; Bradman, Neil ; Thomas, Mark G

Molecular biology and evolution, July 2002, Vol.19(7), pp.1008-21


Economic Change, Disasters, and Migration: The Historical Case of Manchuria (View details)

Gottschang, Thomas Gottschang, Thomas (correspondence author)

Economic Development and Cultural Change, April 1987, Vol.35(3), pp.461-490


Roots, Routes and Transnational Attractions: Dominican Migration, Gender and Cultural Change (View details)

Ninna Nyberg Sørensen

The European Journal of Development Research, 1994, Vol.6(2), p.104


How Do People Become W.E.I.R.D.? Migration Reveals the Cultural Transmission Mechanisms Underlying Variation in Psychological Processes (Cultural Transmission of Psychological Variation) (View details)

Mesoudi, Alex ; Magid, Kesson ; Hussain, Delwar Caldwell, Christine A (Editor)

2016, Vol.11(1), p.e0147162


Conflict Theory as Pedagogy: A Critique from the Left. (View details)

Wood, Robert E.

Teaching Sociology, 1983, Vol.10(4), p.463-85


Pacific Island Movement and Socioeconomic Change: Metaphors of Misunderstanding (View details)

Chapman, Murray Chapman, Murray (correspondence author)

Population and Development Review, June 1991, Vol.17(2), pp.263-292


Political Movements, Cultural Values, and Mass Media in China: Continuity and Change (View details)

Zhu, Jian-Hua Zhu, Jian-Hua (correspondence author)

Journal of Communication, October 1997, Vol.47(4), pp.157-164

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