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EDEL 420 - Social Sciences in the Elementary School

Lib guide for EDEL 420: Social Sciences in the Elementary School

Welcome to OneSearch

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a single search interface that allows patrons to simultaneously search several article databases, catalogs, and other data sources for books, journal articles, videos, scores, maps, and more! This catalog is shared by members of the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit), a consortium of 37 academic libraries across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. OneSearch contains 8.8 million titles and over 26 million resources.

What can it do?

OneSearch offers our users major advantages, such as:

  • Unifying book and journal searches
  • Streamlining Summit and Interlibrary Loan functions within the system
  • Access to millions of articles and reports that were previously unavailable

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Tell us what you think
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