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Library Instruction

This guide provides goals, activities, planning tools, and instruction resources for planning and delivering instruction at Brooks Library.

Reading Suggestions

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Lesson Planning Resources

Writing a Lesson

The Lesson Plan is when you put everything together. You've created your outcomes. Now all you need are examples and context. One way to go about this is to create yourself an outline and then fill in sections as needed.


  • Students are able to construct searches with the incorporation of different search techniques in order to find relevant information for their assignment
  • [Other selected outcomes]


   Hello I'm [name]. I'm the [title] at Brooks Library and today I'll be talking about some of the databases available. To get started, I have a couple questions for you:

  • How many people have been to Brooks Library?
  • Who would consider themselves an avid Brooks user?

For those of you who aren’t as familiar with the workings of Brooks Library,

  • We’re open 7 days a weeks, 7:30-midnight for most of the week
  • Another fun fact is that there’s always a reference librarian on the desk or on call 7:30-9 during the week

[explain why you're there and some of the stuff you'll be covering]


   Databases (10 min)

  • SHOW LibGuides
  • ILLUSTRATE how to eliminate other databases
  • EXAMPLE: “Tesla Motors Inc.” 
  • Limit with AND “patent”
  • SHOW facets on the left side
  • Search strategies (Boolean, using the thesaurus, selecting different databases) 
  • Make your searches better by asking bigger questions
  • Researching GMOs, can use terms like “pros, cons, negatives, positive, effects”
  • Getting a lot of hits > add more search terms

[Add other sections of content based on your outcomes]


[Post-session assessment, could be conducted through a survey after the class]

  • If you were looking for articles on “wolves,” what would be some other words for “wolves” that you could use to broaden that search? [short response]
  • For this example, assume that you have done a search for articles on GMOs. The search phrase you used was “what are the effects of GMOs on children”, but you’re only getting 4 results. What search strategies can you do to broaden your search?
  1. Take out article words like “the”
  2. Use AND to string the words together
  3. Use less words
  4. 1 and 3, not 2


  • Thanks for coming and remember that you can always come back for assistance!