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What is Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a web resource that allows users to search for journal articles, citations, theses, preprints and book availability on the web. Materials located using Google Scholar come from a wide variety of sources, including:

        - Selected academic publishers
        - Selected Professional society publishers
        - Preprint repositories
        - Universities
        - Scholarly articles available across the open web

Logging in as a CWU affiliate will provide access at no charge to many of the articles that you might otherwise have to purchase. You can do this by going to "Settings" on the Google Scholar homepage. From the left menu, select "Library Links" and enter "Central Washington University" in the search window. Check off the CWU box and select "Save".  Performing these steps will give you access to a much wider variety of articles because of your affiliation with CWU.

Google Search Tips

Following these best practices will get you to the most helpful resources faster!

  • Use keywords instead of full sentences
  • How you order words in your search matters
    • Wind energy v. energy wind
  • Quotation marks “ ”
    • string together an exact phrase
    • ensure that a specific word is included
    • specific spelling of a word
    • disable automatic synonyms
  • Minus sign (-)
    • Searches options without that term
    • hot dog mascots –Heinz
  • Combine terms with OR to look for either term
  • Filetype:pdf
  • AROUND(#)
    • Used between two search terms to find pages where those terms are written in close proximity
    • Gloria Steinem AROUND(10) Alice Walker
  • intext:
  • intitle:
  • site:


global airline fleet (renewal OR replacement) AND emissions OR .gov