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Library Services and First-Generation Student Experiences: A Photovoice Approach

This is a guide to a research study being conducted by Central Washington University (CWU) Libraries. Please view the content below to find out more about this study and how you can participate.

Research Study Information

Library Services and First Generation Student Experiences: A Photovoice Approach

Thank you for your interest in this study. This study seeks first-generation student participants from CWU; distance learners who fall under this category are welcomed to participate. Please see the FAQ tab for more details.

Please view the short orientation video below to learn about this study, what you will be asked to do, and how you can enter a raffle to win a Fujifilm Instax Camera! If you have any questions for this study, please contact Bridgette Flamenco at


Research Study Prompt

Part 1 of this study asks you use a non-anonymous online survey to submit photos/screenshots which you personally believe are valid responses to this prompt:

What barriers to information or resources do you face at CWU Libraries as a first-generation student?

After you have submitted an informed consent and photography release form, you will be emailed a link to a non-anonymous survey to submit your photo response and answer a couple of questions regarding your photo. There are no limits to the amount of photos you can submit. You will be sent bi-weekly email reminders throughout fall quarter with the survey link and research prompt. 

Raffle Entry 

Every submission to the non-anonymous survey will count as (1) raffle entry with a maximum of 10 raffle entries per participant. Want more raffle entries? Check out the Part 2 Procedures tab!

Schedule a One-on-one Interview or Debrief Meeting with Bridgette Flamenco

Part 2 of this study asks you to meet with the primary researcher during winter quarter 2023 for a one-on-one interview and a debrief meeting. Please follow the steps below to schedule one or both of these meetings.

  1. Open CWU Libraries' Appointment Scheduler in a new tab.
  2. Select a location that works for you: James E. Brooks Library or Online.
  3. Select Bridgette Flamenco.
  4. Select a time and date that work for you during week 2 of winter quarter (one-on-one interview) and/or week 5 of winter quarter (debrief). If these weeks do not work for you, email Bridgette Flamenco ( directly to schedule these meetings at a more convenient time.
  5. Enter your information. Make sure to add a comment stating that you are part of the first-generation student research study.
Raffle Entry 

 (5) raffle entries will be given for each completed event in Part 2 of this study with a maximum of 15 additional entries per participant. These events are listed below:

  1. Schedule and attend a one-on-one interview (in-person or online) 
  2. Schedule and attend a one-on-one debrief meeting (in-person or online)
  3. Complete an emailed exit survey
Who can participate in this study?

Only first-generation students (FGS) at CWU are eligible to participate in this study.

For the purposes of this study, first-generation students are defined as students whose parents did not graduate from a four year, accredited, college or university in the United States. Additionally: 

  • If you have an older/younger sibling who has attended or is attending a four year, accredited, college or university, you are still considered a FGS within this study.
  • If your parents graduated from a four-year, accredited, college or university in another country, you are still considered a FGS within this study.
When can I start to participate?

 You can begin to participate in Part 1 of this study anytime between October 3rd 2022 and December 16th, 2022. Simply use your CWU email to contact the primary researcher, Bridgette Flamenco ( with your completed informed consent and photography release forms and inform them that you want to participate in the FGS study. You will then receive a link to the online submission form for you to use. Those wishing to participate in Part 2 of this study (occurring during weeks 2-8 of winter quarter 2023) are only eligible to do so if they previously participated in Part 1 of this study. 

Can I stop participating at any time? 

Yes! You are not obligated to participate in every aspect of this study. Please email the primary researcher to let them know you are no longer interested in participating otherwise you will still receive up to (5) email reminders about submitting to the study's online submission form throughout fall quarter and will receive (3) email reminders in winter quarter 2023 to schedule a one-on-one interview, schedule a debrief meeting, and complete an exit survey, respectively.

  • Am I still eligible to win the raffle prize if I stop participating? Yes! If you stop participating after Part 1 of this study, you will still be entered into the raffle so long as you submit at least one online photo submission. 
What kinds of photos can I submit?

You can submit any photos which you personally believe are valid responses to the study's prompt:

  • What barriers to information or resources do you face at CWU Libraries as a first-generation student?

The one restriction that must be adhered to is that you not submit photographs which have easily identifiable individuals in them - instead you are encouraged to take pictures of general public spaces/groups as they relate to the prompt. Photos that fail to adhere to this restriction will be removed from the study and will not count toward a raffle entry. Aside from the aforementioned restriction, so long as you believe your photo is a relevant response to the prompt, there are no "wrong" responses to the prompt.