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FYE 184

Research guide for students completing the FYE - 184 course.

Information Intake

How frequently do you read the news? (physical paper, mobile phone, any format)
Daily: 37 votes (27.82%)
Weekly: 55 votes (41.35%)
Monthly: 41 votes (30.83%)
Total Votes: 133
How comfortable do you feel evaluating news sources?
Very unsure: 5 votes (3.88%)
Often unsure: 27 votes (20.93%)
Fairly comfortable: 86 votes (66.67%)
Very comfortable: 11 votes (8.53%)
Total Votes: 129
When reading news stories, how frequently do you fact check material found in the article?
All the time: 7 votes (5.15%)
Frequently: 40 votes (29.41%)
Occasionaly: 43 votes (31.62%)
Rarely: 35 votes (25.74%)
Never: 11 votes (8.09%)
Total Votes: 136

Group Discussion

Discussion 1

A) Think of someone you trust. What factors make them a trustworthy source?

B) If we were to translate those into trustworthy criteria, what would they look like?

Discussion 2

A) Identify 3 reason why you would not trust the materials in front of you.



Questions adapted from Heather Beirne's lesson plan.


End of Session